just like Inspiration and Reality, I wanted time to have a counterpart. The idea struck me of another watcher. unlike time he doesn’t walk amongst us. instead he sits on the outskirts waiting for things to end. he’s called terminus and i’m actually a little scared of him.



On the border he waits
and watches the world.
Reading the story 
as life is unfurled.
there’s no hair on his head
or eyes in his face.
of humour or mercy 
he hasn’t a trace.
his mouths full of scars
for he chews at his lips.
his hands run with blood
from the dagger he grips.
His Brother may walk 
through the bleak history.
But for him there’s no secret
no deep mystery.
For he is the ending 
that comes to us all.
time has no meaning
well he comes to call.
And he waits for the day 
when all things must end.
for he and he only
can quite comprehend.
that a dates set in stone
where we’ll come to the close
and he waits for that time
that only he knows.