for the next pair of immortals i started thinking about chaos and control. I’ll get to chaos next. I had the idea that the world was held together by strings. individual strands of time and matter that hold everything in its place. Control started of as a lonely repairman travelling the globe. then I though it would be much more fun to make him a little less vagabond and a little more bond. think men in black meets the three fates.


When the circuits are down and the lights are all out
there’s panic on the streets with the scream and shout
hear a voice in the dark cutting through the doubt
“relax and take control”
he drives through the night in his DB9
his hair and his suit always looking fine
his confidence making the dark times shine
come on and meet control.
for he sees the bindings holding the world
the balance of life and the way its curled.
did you know that your days could be easily twirled
by the lord of control.
so when a rope snaps, the binding gets frayed
when chaos attacks, the day falls in shade.
when your scared, alone and calling for shade.
remember your control.
for he’ll be there with a comforting word
and your pleas for help will always be heard.
he’ll go when his judgement is once more incurred.
say thank you to control.