I’m sitting at my desk with a serious throat infection and feeling pretty sorry for myself. I’ve started to get some worried looks from my workmates. I wondered how I must look to them and came up with this. Hopefully not too much of this is true.

The Sick Colleague

A dry hacking sludge of sound bursts
from between his putrid lips.
A snot filled tissue edged with scum
from his crusted finger slips.
and whiskey laced hot sweetened tea
from a greasy mug he sips.
The stench of sickness kills the air
whenever he stalks by you.
The shiny pallour of his skin
drips down his face like moist dew.
and his vein filled eyes of scarlett red
he dabs at, with a tissue.
You ask him how he’s feeling now.
He gasps ” I’m getting better “
While the hanky resting on his desk
is slowly getting wetter.
and you wonder what he’s doing here
when you’ve seen his doctors letter.
He’ll spread his germs around to you
until you’re ill in bed.
and now you’ll be the one who’s sick
and wishing you were dead.
you can’t just sit there sweating snot
so you’ll go to work instead.